TV ANIMATION SERIES Preschool - Format 52x7 minutes - 2D Digital animation - Adventures Comedy


    Pilot development HIMF Annalisa Corsi - MEDIA - Musicartoon

+ Credits pilot development

Concept Annalisa Corsi-  Author and Director Annalisa Corsi-  Executive producer Sabrina Callipari-  Script P.Baccalario-J.Olivieri-A.Corsi- Music Max Gagliardi-  Background artist Andrea Pucci- Chracters design Annalisa Corsi-FrancescoMarasco-Sabrina De Marco

Behind a large window, in the highest part of house, in late 1950s when the world was contaminated by the desire and dream of new space conquests, a little, imaginative boy fantasizes about adventures journeys through space.

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